Go hike and say yes – Malika & Yann, the mountains wedding
The mountains wedding: go hike and say yes: Malika and Yann live in Switzerland, surrounded by mountains they never tire of watching from their windows. They imagined their wedding in two parts: first the civil ceremony, held during a weekend in a mountain lodging. Then a personal ceremony a few weeks later near Paris. So I went ...
couple boudoir session
Boudoir Session – Like a lazy Sunday
Boudoir Session - Like a lazy sunday June and Julien, it's a story of a fusionnel, accomplice, just intensively in love couple. They wanted to fixed their passion on paper by a glamour session. A stop on sweet and lazy moments they like to share... Like a hanging out in bed sunday, while it's sunny outside. To remember how impo ...
Couple session in the desert – Edwar & Soleika, Spain
Desert couple session - Spain They are what I called a BADASS couple ! Edwar and Soleïka are cool, fun, alternative... Follow me in the desert (seriously, it was so cold !), to share with you their engagement session. // C'est ce que j'appelle être BADASS ! Edwar et Soleïka sont cool, drôles, décalés... Je vous emmène dans le ...
Parcourir le monde – Thailande
Our flights were booked for a long time, but this trip, we didn't want to prepare it too much. We wanted to let us go across the country, without a really established route. And we did it! First night in Bangkok on arrival, and the rest was done by feel. Plane, tuk tuk, taxi, boat, overnight train, bus, bike, and a lot of walki ...
boho wedding
A 60s Boho Wedding – Inspiration
This inspiration shoot was born one day when Mariella saw the Sean Penn movie, "Into the Wild," which talks about the pursuit of happiness through some independence and solitude. Sha had the desire to go into the 60s, diving into the hippie culture, to do something actual, with yesterday codes. // Ce shooting d'inspiration est n ...
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