Forest day after couple session – Claire & Paul-Romain
2 years after their wedding day, I met Claire and Paul-Romain again for a couple session in a forest. A simple scenery + style = a sweet fall atmosphere session! // 2 ans après leurs mariage, j'ai retrouvé Claire et Paul-Romain pour une séance day after couple en forêt. Un décors simple + du style = une chouette séance à l'ambi ...
Vu sur – Rock’n’Roll Bride – Colourful, Folky wedding shoot
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Under the sun of Crete Island – Kelly & Patrick
What Kelly and Patrick love is to move and have fun! Since their wedding day in 2011, they catched me in a some of their moves! A day after session in a music recording studio and a bowling, then a couple session in London, and today, we're going in Crete! Thanks guys for all these good moments!!// Kelly et Patrick, ce qu'ils ai ...
Bercy engagement session – Amandine & Dany
When I met Amandine and Dany, they were celebrating their 5 years of love, and Amandine had the idea of a couple session to fix it. What she didn't know (neither do I), is that Dany had planned to ask her to marry him the day after!! They are cute, nice, and I'm happy ti meet then again in 2015! // Lorsque j'ai rencontré Amandine ...
Press – Lea and Daniel on With A Love Like That
Lea and Daniel's engagement session is published on the blog With A Love Like that // La séance engagement de Lea et Daniel publiée sur With A Love Like That
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