mariage Fajac Toulouse
Wedding in Chateau de Fajac
An English wedding near Toulouse, France Hattie & Alex are English. But it was in France, and specifically near Toulouse at Chateau de Fajac, that they chose to get married. Clearly, they were able to integrate an English touch style into their wedding! The something blue, Hattie put it in her veil that was white to blue ...
 Ibiza wedding mariage couple
Wedding in Ibiza
A boho wedding in Las Cicadas, Ibiza For Lauren and Ollie, who live in the U.K., choosing Ibiza as te perfect destination for their wedding was obvious. Land of the best moments of their lives, it is quite natural that they chose to return for this new beautiful moment to pass. Cool and relaxed in nature, they wanted a weddin ...
A New York wedding
An intimate vows renewal The story of Aurelie and Giovanni in New York is beautiful, touching, and it is a story to which all couples can relate. They have already been married in Greece. 5 years later, they wanted to say yes again, and to do something that really speaks to them, ie a very small wedding with their friends in ...
elopement desert
An elopement in the Spain desert
An alternative elopement in a western decor. Let's be clear, this desert elopement is not real. I mean Aida & Ismael are a real couple, they are really in love, and they are living in Spain. But the rest is history. Let me explain a bit. As Sony Ambassador, Jeremie and I have been contacted by Sony Europe to shoot a vide ...
hawaii wedding destination mariage
Wedding in Hawaii
Wedding and adventure in Oahu It's a special wedding that I share with you today. More than just a wedding day, it's a multi-day adventure that Jeremie and I had the chance to share with Shy and Rafa in Hawaii. To introduce you to the bride and groom: she is Hawaiian, he is Mexican. They are both wedding videographers, and l ...
Interview for Rangefinder Magazine
Last December, we were contacted by Greer, a journalist for Rangefinder Magazine. Interested by our career and our work, she asked us some questions about "how to stay fresh in a changing industry".It's an honor to be published in this magazine. READ HERET
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