intimate in home session
Séance intime – Suzanne & Sacha
An intimate in home session. Suzanne and Sacha are lovebirds we love to love. Just looking them is giving the smile. They're full of tenderness, they can laugh then turn into passion the time of a blink, and their complicity is sweet. I let you discover them. This session was done during "The Quirky - Video Workshop". This Wo ...
photography workshop
Slo Workshop – Pays Basque
Slo Workshop - Pays Basque The 'Slø Workshop' is a workshop for professional wedding photographers organized by the talented Yors Couegnoux and Baptiste Hauville. During 3 days in the Basque Country, a small community was formed, where we exchanged, shared, learned, shot, and had fun! Jeremie and I had the chance to be there to ...
Vu sur – Un Beau Jour – Un mariage à la mer
To read here: // Article à lire ici:
ocean couple session
Séance couple sur la Côte Basque – Ophelie & Andre
Séance couple sur Côte Basque - Ophelie & Andre I've already met Ophelie and Andre for a session in the Pyrenees mountains. I met them again for another session, by this ocean this time, in the Spanish Basque Country. Quick video I met during the photoshoot at the end. // J'avais déjà rencontré Ophélie et André pour faire ...
hong kong wedding
Mariage à Hong Kong – Lauren & Thibault
Three crazy days An amazing band An invaluable chance Hong Kong, here we are. // Trois jours dingues Une bande incroyable Une chance inestimable Hong Kong, nous voilà. B. ____________ DAY 1 The trip began in the late afternoon with a ride in a vintage tram in the streets of Hong Kong. The tone was given: beer, rosé ...
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