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Who does what?
Beatrice is the photographer, and Jeremie is the filmmaker.
We sometimes work both on photos, or both on videos.

Where are you based?
We are in Bordeaux, south-west of France.

Do you travel? 
Yes, a lot! Everywhere in France, and worldwide.
Until now, our couples have taken us to England, Australia, Austria, Belgium, USA, Spain, Hawaii, Ibiza, Italy, Iceland, Switzerland... And more destinations to come! We love traveling!

What type of events are you shooting? 
We mainly do weddings, elopements, couple sessions and portraits. But we are opened to any other project.

Are you always working together? 
For wedding, yes mainly. We chose to be a team, with a complementary eye, story to tell and way to work. That's why we barely never separate during May to September. Outside these months we can work separately.

What are you offering?
For weddings, we cover your day from the getting ready to the dancefloor to capture every moment. We can also be there the day before, the next day for the brunch, or make your engagement session a few weeks before.
For the sessions, they are about 2 hours.

What are your prices?
For 2025:
- The wedding photo+video package starts at €7000 for a full day
- The wedding photo only package starts at €3800 for a full day
- The wedding video only package starts at €4200 for a full day
- Portrait or couple sessions start at €500 (photo or video)

What are you delivering?
For weddings: basically, we deliver a minimum of 400 edited and ready to print photos, a video of 5 to 7min, an online gallery for your guests to enjoy and download photos, and a USB key to keep your HD images and video. Options like a long version video or an album are available.
For portrait or couple sessions, we deliver a hundred photos to download, or a 1 to 3min video.

Are all the images edited? 
Yes all the images we deliver are edited with our personal color style.

Do you offer albums and prints? 
Yes. We truly believe that paper is still the best way to fully appreciate your photos!  So we have a range of albums and prints to choose from.

How is it to work with you? 
For most of a wedding day, we like to catch the real moments, in a documentary style so without interfering or stopping anything, and being the most discreet as possible.
And sometimes, we also like to suggest things and add a bit of editorial shots. For the couple session for exemple, we're more into guiding you, so you feel confortable and at your best.

What's your style? 
Regarding the colors, we like warm tones. Our images are not too bright nor too dark, as we want them to be beautifully timeless. Our favorite moment? The golden light at sunrise/sunset.

Why there's no church wedding on your portfolio? 
Because we almost never shoot them. Only few of our couples are having a church ceremony. It seems that our style suits better to outdoor/secular/on-the-venue ceremonies. Those can be religious too, but not celebrated into a traditional church building.

How can we contact you?
Send us an email using the contact page form or directly at hello@the-quirky.com and tell us your story! Feel free to give as many details as possible so we can answer you the best.

When is the best time to contact you?
We mostly start to book 1 year in advance.

How can we book you?
If we are free on your date, we'll suggest you a visio meeting (Skype /Facetime) so we can know a bit each other. Then the date will be definitively booked after a contract is signed and a retainer is paid.

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