Extended pack

With this pack it's an easy way to give a look to your videos.

There are 7 different looks, to add to the Elara lut.

They are customed made to put the final touch to your footage. ( white balance, contrast, exposition, saturation need to be OK )

Included in this pack : 7 Luts

- Brown warm : blue/brown shadows and warm highlights

- cold blue : blue shadows and cold highlights

- Natural : my favorite, delete the greenish sony tone

- Teal and orange : you know what i mean, use with caution

- golden hour : warm highlights and salmon tones

- hong kong : green vibes - highlights and shadows

- new york : bluish vibes - highlights and shadows

( There are clips graded with each luts + Elara down this page. )

Price : 35€

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Graded with Brown Warm

Graded with Cold Blue

Graded with Natural

Graded with Teal and Orange

Graded with Golden Hour

Graded with New York

Graded with Hong Kong


Click on the product for more infos

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