corsica wedding mariage
Wedding in Corsica – Chloe & Kourosh
A wedding on the Coggia's beach. There is sun, it's pleasant, and it's a beautiful place: here we are in Corsica for the wedding of Chloe & Kourosh! Both English, they chose Corsica, land of origin of Chloe's dad, to enjoy their weekend. They wanted their wedding to be a relaxed day, during which they exchanged their vows ...
session lanzarote wedding
Session in Lanzarote – Kenzie & Jo
A session in Lanzarote with a crazy cool couple I feel lucky. Yes, because in my job I meet a lot of incredible people. Kenzie and Jo are one those people I've connected immediately. Not only because they're fun and let's say, badass as f*uck! They're also super kind! I've spent an entire day with them, moving to different part ...
france boho wedding
Wedding in Chateau des Ravatys – Amé & Max
A boho wedding in Chateau des Ravatys This wedding is the story of Amé and Max, a couple as touching as cray. It's a story of a day full of tears, lots of laughs, love, and many "woohoooo!" It's a story of feeling. When each actor of the day, pro or guest, has a contagious enthusiasm. And before D-Day, it's the story of an hype ...
Dar El Sadaka Marrakech wedding
Wedding at the Dar El Sadaka, Marrakech – Lena & Yann
Wedding in Dar El Sadaka Lean is American and Yann is French. They live in London and they choose Marrakech for their wedding. And especially this incredible venue, original, even a bit crazy, that is the Dar El Sadaka. The ceremony took place in the middle of the gardens, and you are not dreaming, there is an upside down house ...
Intimate wedding in France – A&G
Intimate, but not really a wedding A few months ago, Jérémie and I were contacted to give a 6 days online workshop for photographers on the Empara platform. To give you an idea, it's the French version of Creative Live. The goal: to explain the way we work from A to Z. Since we could not take Empara's team to follow us on a weddi ...
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