Chloe & Samuel – Elopement New 70s

retro style elopement 70s

It’s the story of a romantic escape. Chloé and Samuel’s elopement.

It’s a story that starts with music. Catchy, fun, modern and vintage at the same time. And an idea. Dazzling. Obvious.

"Come on, let’s do it!"

It’s a crazy move that brings them to the City Hall to say 'yes I do'. An intimate wedding, and a sweet getaway just for two, to spend a good time and have fun on a 70s melody.

To laugh and dance as if no one was watching, because in fact nothing and no one else matters, here and now.

Like the Gainsbourg & Birkin of modern times, run the streets as pursued by the desire to love one another. Also pursued by the flashes of these people who want to keep in memory a picture of this love.

To escape for real far from the bustle of the city, to better find oneself. Go over old memories, and welcome new ones.

Love each other. A little more.

Wake up side by side once more and smile. Record every moment, every look, every sound, every word. So that one day in the heads, in slow motion and on the sound of a favorite vinyl, to replay the film of those crazy days.

Well, that's how I thought and imagined this elopement photoshoot. A project that was close to my heart and which marks an evolution in my work. Two intense days that allowed me to move from my imagination to reality, thanks to the wonderful team who surrounded me.

Design: Sparkly Agency | Decor rental: Le Scenographe
Venue: Domaine de Cap'Bat | Photo & Video: The Quirky
Bridal jumpsuit: Victoire Vermeulen | Dress: Alma Real
Suit & accessories: Asos | Flowers: Tepeesauvage
Make up: Maud Loarec | Hairstylist: Valentine Artisan Coiffeur

Access all the photos here: Gallery
The video by Jeremie at the bottom (in 4K)

Day 2

The team <3

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