Wedding Tips – Did you think about your lighting setup ?

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And there was light.

mariage boho

You’ve just found your wedding venue, pinted hundreds of pictures about table decoration. But did you think about the light to enhance what you have done, and about the light for the dance floor?
There’s 2 things, the venue’s light, and the DJ’s light.
Why spend hundred or thousand box in decoration or flowers, if it’s not well highlighted ? And the pictures won’t be like you are expected them.
So think to discuss with the owner of the venue about the light.
A themes and warm atmosphere, candles, garland wreaths, light on the wall…
There’s many solutions to you.

mariage boho

Prefer a warm amver tones, rather than green or purple on the walls. It’s not about my taste, I love purple. But during the speeches of your parents or your bridesmaids this kind of light will give them a hue of greenish skin, as if they are sick 🙂
For the dance part, check with the DJ what kind of light he will bring. No need 50000W of light. But the lighting will reallyu give a better dynamic to the images. Think about it.
For you first dance, one idea among many others, there is sparklers. Take the 3 minutes one if you don’t want to end up in the dark after 30 seconds. Or ask your DJ to take over.
All the pictures of this article come from the marriage of Mickael et Nastasja aux Bonnes Joies. An amazing venue, the animation they planned with the dancers was wonderful ! But, if Vincent from Dance Police hadn’t add the final touche with his light, the result of their memories would have been totally different.
So, think about it 😉

mariage boho mariage boho

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